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Friday, August 28, 2009


Lots of changes for little Ethan. He started walking at the end of May and it took him a couple weeks to master it but he is running now. Crawling is a thing of the past! He is everywhere and into everything! But I guess it has helped me lose even more of any baby weight I was carrying because I keep steadily losing more weight. So I can't complain ;) He is just too smart sometimes. Some of the things he does just amazes me. I have to just basically hold his clothes and he puts him arms in the holes of his shirt on his own and steps into his shorts or pants. Too smart! I say "arms up" and the shirt comes off easily. So yes, dressing and undressing are too easy! He is saying more and more sounds. Says "dada" and says his "v's" and "b's" and "m's". Not really any words yet but I'm sure the words aren't far away because he is "talking" more and more everyday with sounds. Discovering his voice I guess ;) He loves all kinds of food now. Now that he has more teeth it makes it a lot easier. He has 10 teeth now and I just felt one of his 1st year molars coming through. That explains his fussy week he had. Poor baby. It definitely hurt him when he tried to sleep because no one has gotten much sleep for the past week ;) He loves applesauce, rice, potatoes, chicken, waffles and the usual snacks of anything graham cracker and he loves cinnamon. We discovered that he has a milk allergy although I dont think it's a real bad one unless he has a large amount of a milk product. If he gets anything with liquid milk, he gets a rash around his mouth and starts sneezing a lot. So no more of that. His doctor thinks that he will outgrow it by the age of 2 or 3. So hopefully by the time he is 2! But for now he still gets ice cream but Soy ice cream instead. So I have found out where they sell all of the soy products that he can enjoy. We love him so very much and are amazed by him everyday. He smile lights up my day! I will try to keep updated on this blog more often. I have been real bad at updating lately!!

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Birthday Boy!

Birthday Boy!